What to Expect

Does your child march to the beat of a drum or hear the blast of a horn?

I tune in to the needs of kids who “march to the beat of their own drummer or play a horn in their mind.” I have a deep appreciation for kids who find their own way to do things, even when that means going “against the grain” or appearing “out of step.”

I work with kids that find themselves to be different somehow from many of their peers. And I know these differences often cause them distress and difficulty.

But they have their own unique and valuable gifts that need nurturing and validation. I know that they exert a lot of energy through the day attempting to understand and meet others’ expectations. They get so frustrated and confused that it seems like they just give up.

They need to be seen, heard, and understood, especially when their peers (and even some adults) just don’t get them. I provide a space for them to be themselves – whether that’s quirky, picky, sensitive, easily irritated, and even downright angry – where they feel accepted and understood and become more flexible, resilient, self-confident, and emotionally regulated.

I also have great empathy for parents.

I believe deeply that parenting is, in fact, the hardest job in the world. Parents receive so many messages of blame and shame, especially when their child is struggling. I provide a safe space where they experience respect and understanding, along with practical tools and skills that lead to a deeper, richer, and more joyful relationship with their child.

I have first-hand experience as a mother of four kids, ranging in age from 8 to 16 years old.
I believe that the relationship I form with you and your child is the agent of change, distinguishing my approach from models of behavior therapy. I provide you with a trusting, accepting, and genuine environment so that our focus can be on the needs of the whole child – the whole person.

Growth WILL occur.

Through our therapeutic relationship, growth happens in the client’s own unique way that leads to habits and behaviors that are both self-enhancing and pro-social.

I use a non-directive, strengths-based approach with children. This allows for therapeutic flexibility that fits the needs of a growing child. My method fosters the child’s potential to grow in self-enhancing and pro-social ways.

I offer support for the development of the child’s self-understanding and emotion regulation. Through play therapy, kids become more resilient and more self-controlled. They also benefit by enhanced confidence in who they are and in who they are becoming.

I provide developmentally responsive therapy that addresses many childhood issues, including aggression, opposition, defiance, impulsivity, attention issues, anxiety, attachment disruptions, depression, grief, difficult peer/sibling relationships, parental divorce, high-conflict parental relationships, school refusal, and poor academic performance. My training has a special focus on the unique needs of young children.

Parents are an important part of the process.

I’ve seen looks of worry and frustration on the faces of parents as they begin the process of therapy for their child. They share stories of chaos and confusion as they lay out how things have gotten to this point.

But as the process of therapy unfolds, their looks become softer, more relaxed, and confident. And the children are changed, too. Parents see it, teachers see it. And I get to see it, too. I hear them say things like, “She’s surer of herself now.” “He just goes with the flow.”

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