Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

Method of Parent Coaching

Enhance your bond with your child while staying in control.




Parents tell me they are thinking these thoughts when they first come to talk with me:

If he would just do it, things would be so much easier.

Why does she insist, even when I have patiently explained?

He’s just so hardheaded.

I feel like I repeat myself until I’m blue in the face, but they don’t seem to hear – or care.

How did we get into this pattern? And, even more important – what can I do to change it?

I’m realizing that I’m afraid of what he will do when I say no. And he’s only four.

What will I do when he’s taller than I am?

When did you become your child’s adversary?

Even though he doesn’t admit it, you know your kid wants to rely on you. So why is he so antagonistic? The things he says hurt you.

At times, it’s next to impossible to stay calm. But you see his words as an indication of how distant he feels. You feel that distance, too. You want to communicate your love, while also expecting good behavior.

You’ve searched for ways to parent. But the advice you’ve gotten just doesn’t work – for you or for your kid. You’re at your wit’s end, and no one seems to understand just how hard you’ve tried.

It’s the hardest job in the world – and that’s on a good day.

Parent coaching can help.

We provide holistic support for your relationship with your child. No, this isn’t another behavior chart. We help you develop skills to meet your child’s emotional needs, while also limiting inappropriate behavior.

These skills contain specific steps so that you will feel confident in all sorts of situations you encounter with your child. No need for manipulative ploys to get your child to behave.

These skills also will lead to genuine interactions that build positive feelings between you and your child. Instead of seeing you as an adversary, your child will recognize you as their ally.

Where you will be after working through the offerings in CPRT:




After CPRT training, parents make the following comments:

I understand him so much more now.

I feel confident, even during a meltdown.

He looks to me for support and knows that I’m on his side.

I knew there was something more I could do – I just didn’t know what it was until now.

I see the look of trust in his eyes.

I enjoy our time together so much more.

These are skills I wish I could have learned before becoming a parent.

I can see him relax when I reflect his feelings – he becomes more willing to stay connected.

I couldn’t believe how quickly things changed when I used the limit-setting method.

Enhancing the bond with your child takes time and intention, but these skills will lead to meaningful change in how you and your child relate to each other.

We will help you with skills and support as you grow confident in knowing that you can connect with your child and stay in control. Call (704) 659-6220 to schedule your appointment.