Child-Centered Play Therapy

From zero to one hundred in a blink of an eye…

Do you remember the day your child first crawled across the floor to you? Before long, they were walking.

And, it’s likely that you remember their first word.

But they didn’t stop there!

Soon they learned a lot more words. Then sentences!

Kids continue to naturally strive toward fulfilling their potential.

Just like a seedling bends toward the sunlight to keep growing into the fullness of its potential, your child yearns for the essential nutrients – both physical and emotional – that allow them to continue their process of growth.

Since kids have not yet mastered their language abilities, your child can’t always tell you what they need – which can lead to a lot of frustration. Sometimes we are left in the dark!

Kids do have lots of other ways to communicate – especially through their actions. And, although it may be mysterious to us as parents, all their behavior does have meaning. It comes from a core intention to get their needs met, so they can keep growing.
As a parent, I know the feeling of watching my kid and wondering – What could they possibly mean when they do that?!

If frustrations are mounting and you are finding it difficult to understand your child,

Child-Centered Play
Therapy can help!

As a counselor with special training in Child-Centered Play Therapy, I strive to stay in tune with the moment-to-moment experiencing of the whole person of the child. Instead of techniques or analysis, I focus on a special way of being with your child – offering an authentic, warm and caring relationship, without evaluation or judgment.

“…[A]s children feel understood by the play therapist, they are encouraged to share more of themselves…[T]hey feel safe enough to venture forth further in the relationship, and their perception of their world is changed.”

~Garry Landreth

Feeling understood and warmly accepted allows your child to grow in confidence.

They find successful ways of making their needs known so that others – especially parents – can understand and appreciate the person they are becoming.

If you find your child is beyond mysterious, call to schedule an initial appointment: (704) 659-6220.