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Your pain is telling you something; can you hear it?

A few years ago, my husband began sharing with me that he was experiencing significant pain in his back and legs. After some time of hoping it would get better on its own, we asked his physician to help him find relief.

His physician sent him to a physical therapist. After several visits, things were not improving. We decided to try an acupuncturist which led to some temporary success, but over time things seemed to be getting worse. He saw a rehabilitation doctor and agreed to try a nerve block for his spine, which consisted of general anesthesia and a surgical procedure.

As his back pain was temporarily relieved, we realized that he still had difficulty with lower leg pain. We wondered if he had plantar fasciitis. He bought new shoes, which helped a little, but soon the pain returned. Once again, we sought help and found ourselves with an orthopedic surgeon, who informed us that his Achilles was the real cause of all his difficulties.

And the source of the pain is…

The surgeon explained that over the course of time, the injuries from his heels had caused pain that radiated up through his legs and into his back. By the time we acted, the symptoms were affecting a very different part of his body than where the cause was located.

Although we started with treatments for his back, the cause of his pain – inflamed tendons – were in his heels. After several months of suffering without a successful treatment, having surgery on one of his Achilles, receiving several weeks of physical therapy, and living through a year’s worth of recovery, we now understand a lot more about the source of his pain.

And what does this story mean for you?

This experience offers an example that sometimes, outside of our awareness, issues fester for so long that when we come to the point of asking for help, we start treating something that is a consequence of a different problem.

The source of our difficulty may be masked by our current most painful symptoms. Once we start treating the symptoms that are causing our current distress, we may notice an issue that turns out to be the actual cause of many of our difficulties.

It turns out that what needs treatment is completely different than the problem we originally sought treatment for. We might get frustrated. My husband and I certainly did. But when we finally treated the primary source, everything finally began making sense and – after a lot of recovery work – the pain did diminish.

My husband still has stiff ankles and needs to stretch his heel tendons from time to time. But he and I are both more aware of his need to care for his heels.

And now, years later, he pays much more attention to the ache in his feet because he knows that ignoring it only leads to more pain and difficulty.

Listen closely now

Don’t wait until your pain causes you more difficulty. By reaching out now, you can prevent bigger, more complex problems from forming.

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Hi! I’m Jennifer

Board-Certified Counselor
Trained in Play Therapy

My values provide you with a picture of who you are choosing to work with:

Trust: Not only do I value the trust you place in me, I place trust in you and your child. You and your child are the experts of your own life experiences. Your perspective is essential to a growth-promoting outcome.

Freedom: When we are released from the expectations of others, we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our needs.

Worthiness: All human beings deserve dignity. At Providence View Counseling, you will experience respect, honor, and come away even more assured of your own worthiness.

Creativity: We all use our creativity every day, but sometimes we feel stuck. Therapy gives a space to find a way to get un-stuck – allowing our own creativity to flow again.

Flourishing: We want more for our children (and ourselves) than simply surviving. What do we need to truly thrive? I support you and your family in finding ways to reach your full potential – to flourish!

Strength: Each of us has a unique set of strengths that support growth and coping. My goal is to support you and your child in identifying and removing barriers that might block or distort the use of your strengths.

Vulnerability: By holding an open space to explore difficult feelings and painful experiences, we grow in our capacity to experience real joy and deep love.

Attunement: From the time before birth until our last breath, we have a fundamental need for relationships that support our growth and well-being. Providing this special kind of relationship to a child is learned through experiences of receiving it ourselves, whether from a parent, a partner, or a therapist.

My education and training

Currently I am provisionally licensed, working with an approved licensed supervisor to complete the requirements for full licensure. Just as physicians go through a process of training after medical school before they are fully licensed—known as “residency”—so do professional counselors. Once I complete the requirements for full licensure, I will then be eligible for the additional credentials of (1) certification in both Child-Centered Play Therapy and Child-Parent Relationship Training through the Center for Play Therapy, and (2) Registered Play Therapist (RPT) through the Association for Play Therapy.

  • Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a Concentration in Play Therapy
  • MD coursework with incomplete degree, Child Psychiatry, Developmental Pediatrics
    UNC-School of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
    NC State University

Outside the office, I am regularly sitting in car rider lines, listening to podcasts while I wait for my kids. At home, my husband and I are often captivated by our kittens who spend much of their time wrapped in the arms of a child.

Living south of Monroe, with five other people and four animals, I find there’s never a dull moment.

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